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    Jimmy Choo Trixie Shearling Ankle Boots Brown online clearance sale RC53

Jimmy Choo Trixie Shearling Ankle Boots Brown online clearance sale RC53


18 Sept 2012 Dear Jimmy Choo Dear Jimmy Choo A pair of your shoes jimmy choo online buy has followed me jimmy choo navy lace shoes home. I had been shopping for some clothes to wear for The Monkees concerts this November because I only have the variations of my daily uniform of Patagonia nylon pants, LLBean turt le necks and my Merrel cross trainers. Victoria says that outfit makes me look dumpy and that I should never wear the nylon pants again in my lifetime unless I just wanted people to run away from me in terror. I take her point. She has great taste. But they are so comfortable I never got around to getting any new duds So when I had to come up with something to wear for the Monkees concerts, I called my friend Nathalie Santa Fe she agreed to take me shopping. She was a Vogue fashion editor jimm6 choo for years and knows her stuff, and she has a beautiful store in Santa Fe that I used to shop at when I lived there. Nathalie came up with some great ideas that I think will look good on stage. I was just walking around Neiman following Nathalie and she pointed these shoes out to me. She had picked them out as a possibility before we got to the store. And I said, very clearly, way. Too outrageous. Just way way over the top. I mean, they looked OK sitting on the table top in the shoe department with the other shoes you make, but really? You can be serious Jimmy. Sure, some people might think these are gorgeous. But not me. I am much too conservative in my dress. I have never worn glitter, ever in my life. I would have been happy to give you some business but not these shoes, and I said no, and no meant no, Jimmy. Then when I got home I looked up and the shoes were coming down the drive way. They must have run behind the car all jimmy choo black glitter the way from Neiman just like a little dog. Now here they are and they wont go away. I don know what to do, what to feed them, where to put them, or anything. And they wont leave me alone. They make me look at them all the time. I put them on and have been wearing them around the house, just to keep them happy, and now I may not be able to get them off. I am really starting to get a little miffed. You need to tell me what to do about these shoes Mr. Choo. I can wear them in the concerts and they can stay here. Its your fault and your problem so you need to come fix it. I keep them safe and warm till you get here.

I have place they can stay in my closet for now. And I suppose it will be OK if they need to sleep with me for a few nights, but please hurry! They really sparkle in the sun. Like they are alive and fabulous, or something.

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