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12 quashed after local survey School board officials hinted as much in April, but the May meeting of Keewatin Patricia District School Board (KPDSB) saw a proposal to integrate local Grade 7 and 8 classes into Dryden High School officially rejected as a result a community survey.

In February, the board held three community consultation sessions, as well as conducted jimmy choo flower heels an online survey. Of the 976 respondents, the board says that 72 per cent of them did not believe that bringing Grades 7 and 8 into the high school would enhance learning opportunities. An overwhelming majority stated they were in favour of the current programming at their schools and did not wish to see any changes. KPDSB Director of Education Sean Monteith says the Grade 7 12 model, currently in place in Kenora, gets students into a more diverse learning environment far earlier than is currently offered in Dryden. He says Dryden parents just weren interested. "It was really a non decision," said Monteith. "The feedback was overwhelmingly against the concept in spite of the evidence and our own feeling that it was a good idea from a pedagogical perspective. We asked parents and staff in the jimmy choo gold platform sandals community for feedback. We got it and we honouring that." Monteith says he won count out revisiting the concept at some point in the future. He says careful and thoughtful planning can go a long way in mitigating problems during the transition process. "The biggest benefit is the accessibility navy jimmy choo trainers for students of programs that don exist in elementary schools," he said. "The elementary schools that have high tech, shop, or some kind of hospitality trades programs are very few and far between in Ontario. The province is not building these types of schools for elementary students, but they are building them for secondary students. They also benefit from the program leadership of the teachers who specialize in those areas." Monteith adds that the consultation process was a little less civilized than he had hoped citing instances where people had taken to social media to speculate about the potential for Grade 7/8 students to be tormented by bullies at Dryden High School, which he adds doesn reflect the reality at the boards three K 12 schools. "My feeling is that people had made up their minds," said Monteith."If there one thing that really needs to be established is that Dryden High School is a fantastic school. The principal, vice principals and staff of that school are first class and the community of Dryden should know that. Those in the community who chose to denigrate the school with misinformation were really offside.

Attacking the local high school, its staff and administration does not benefit anyone. I question what motive anyone would have to do that?" KPDSB Dryden Trustee Dave Wilkinson stated in a board press release that there seemed to be a lack of faith in the notion that the board was legitimately interested in resident feedback. "So jimmy choo blue heels many people that spoke to me throughout the Dryden High School 7 12 consultations said they believed the 7 12 model at DHS was already a done deal but that wasn the case and we did listen to the wishes of the Dryden community," said Wilkinson.

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